Training for teachers of Art and Photography

Great Oaks Education are specialists in the delivery of teacher training in the creative arts. Below is a list of our current courses for art and photography teachers.

CPD for art and photography teachers in schools

Contextual Studies; Annotation and Essay Writing for A level Art


This course has been devised for the recent GCE Art and Design reforms and will enable teachers to improve the way that students engage, interpret and write about Art and Design.

Mixed-Media Drawing Techniques for GCSE and A level Art and Design


In this hands-on workshop, you will explore creative drawing techniques through engaging practical activities that have been proven to produce the highest results in Art and Design across the marking matrix for all syllabuses.   

Improving 3D skills in Art & Design


This course has been devised for teachers who wish to expand their 3D skills and learn how 3D work can be practically and achievably implemented within the art class whilst gaining the highest possible results.

Photography for the non-specialist


This course is for anyone who is teaching photography but has little or no background knowledge in this specialist area.

Photoshop for the Classroom


This course will teach you how to use Photoshop and also show best practice in the delivery of this complex program back in the classroom.

Photoshop for the Classroom - Day 2


This course will teach you more advanced Photoshop techniques through set class tasks that can then be delivered to students back in your school. It is aimed at people who have been on the Day 1 course or who are already familiar with the basics of Photoshop.

Studio Lighting Course for Teachers

This studio lighting course is specifically designed with the non-specialist photography teacher in mind and will give you all the skills needed to use professional studio lighting in your teaching.

Setting up and delivering a successful Photography GCSE Curriculum


This is course is for anyone wishing to set up a new or improve an existing GCSE Photography Curriculum.