Studio Lighting Course for Teachers

Course Description


This studio lighting course is specifically designed with the non-specialist photography teacher in mind and will give you all the skills needed to use professional studio lighting in your teaching.

Using studio lighting can give striking professional looking results and is a must have for any high achieving GCSE or A Level student.

During the course you will use professional flash lighting equipment for studio portraiture and learn how to use light in a more controlled way to get precise results. You’ll also learn about how different lighting equipment can create different moods in portraiture. A model will also be provided on the day so you can put this knowledge into practice and create your own professional looking portraiture to use as examples back in your class.

In this very practical day, you will also go through specific class tasks to take back to your school. All of this will be backed up with a wealth of excellent resources that you can use back in your classroom to enable students to get maximum results in their use of studio lighting.


  • Learn about studio lighting equipment and how to set up a studio in a small space.

  • Learn the keywords and terms used in the professional environment.

  • Learn how to measure and Controlling light.

  • Use specific equipment to create controlled visual effects.

  • Create sketchbook pages to maximise mark.

  • Learn how to create different studio lighting set ups.

  • Complete class tasks that are proven to gain high results.

  • Get a wealth of excellent resources.

  • Improve GCSE and A Level results.

Who should attend?

  • All teachers of GCSE and A level Art and Photography.

  • New teachers.

  • Subject leaders.

  • Heads of faculty.

“I am walking away from today with a massive new understanding of a range of photography skills, and I would be confident to share them with my class” – Katherine G, Brentwood School

“Fantastic day! Excellent delivery with fantastic demonstrations and examples” – Sam W, Greensward Academy

“I have learnt a lot from today and more importantly gained the confidence to pass this knowledge onto my students” – Ellie T, Presdales School

Your Course Leader


Marc Newton is an Advanced Skills teacher in Photography and has been teaching Art and Photography since 2002. He has over 10 years’ middle management experience and through his leadership and teaching techniques he consistently achieved some of the highest Photography GCSE results in his county and his lessons were graded as Ofsted Outstanding.

He is an award winning professional Photographer working in the London and Essex areas of the UK. Graduating with an honours degree in Fine Art Photography in 2000 his work ranges from social documentary projects to landscapes and more recently pinhole photography. He exhibits much of his art around London and the UK and has his work published in books and magazines. He is also the founder of View his website here

The Details


Central Braintree, Essex - Date TBC. To register your interst in this course, please complete the 'Reserve a Sport' Form' below

Cost £275 + VAT: Includes lunch, refreshments, an excellent bank of resources and CPD certificate

N.B. Delegates will need to bring a DSLR camera and tripod to the course. Please get in touch for further support on this if needed

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Feedback from delegates


‘Fantastic! Learnt so much’ – Mardi S, Drayton Manor High School

‘Excellent Course! I would defiantly recommend it to others as it is informative and fun. A good beginner crash course’ – Shaneka W, Harlington School


The best CPD I have been on. I was daunted by the technical aspect of photography and now I cant wait to have a play and use what I’ve learnt’ – Karen D, Oxford Spire Academy

‘Very informative. The day was packed with tutorials and everything was explained extremely well’ – Angela F, Hitchin Boys School

‘Excellent content and tutoring. Learnt masses and feel really confident taking this back to the classroom’ – Marina N, London Academy of Excellence

‘Excellent! I found out so much useful stuff’ – Fiona B, Christs College

‘Fantastic! A lot packed into one day’ – Emma H, Ratton School

‘Excellent! I like the fact that it is a hands on practical course’ – Elecia W, The Forest Academy

‘Fantastic. A very useful, informative, fun and creative course. Marc was very knowledgeable’ – Steve B, Durrington High School

‘Really informative and knowledgeable about so many areas of Photography’ – Sarah W, Haberdashers Aske School for Girls

‘Excellent knowledge. Well planned and good mix of theory and practical’ – Steve H – Winchmore School

‘A very clear course that has improved my confidence in camera craft. The resources will be very useful going forward’ – Rebecca S, Q3 Academy

‘Very impressed, I now have the tools to teach the technical aspects of Photography with confidence’ – Jo P, Hazelwick school

‘Amazing course, I came in with no idea at all and am leaving more confident that I will be able to create an A level course’ - Sarah M, Lougborough High School

‘Fantastic – very informative and helpful. I feel much more confident now teaching photography’ – Holly W, Witchford Village College

‘Very well structured course, Marc was amazing at explaining everything’ - Viktorija O, Gladesmore Community School

‘Fantastic course – de-mystified so many aspects of the camera operations! Marc has great positive delivery and has broken down the basics of photography’ - Stephanie K, Hampton School

‘This is an absolutely outstanding course. I have attained so much information in photography’ - Graham G, Evelyn Grace Academy


‘Really helpful course, it certainly delivers what it promises’ – Sunshine C, Haverstock School

‘All areas of the course engaging and enjoyable’ – Sunshine C, Haverstock School

‘Exactly what I needed’ – Alan H, Bushey Meads School

‘Best course I have ever been on’ – Katherine G, Brentwood School

‘An amazing amount of knowledge and resources provided’ – Katherine G, Brentwood School

‘I am walking away from today with a massive new understanding of a range of photography skills, and I would be confident to share them with my class’ – Katherine G, Brentwood School

‘Great teacher, good pace and resources’ – Manvit B, Lampton School

‘So very helpful! I learnt a lot’ – Andrea P, Larkmead School

‘Absolutely loved it – very thorough’ – Anne Marie L, Haydon School

‘Feel much more comfortable about using a DSLR and actually understood how the photo was taken!’ – Anne Marie L, Haydon School


‘Excellent – very clear explanations and also very easy to transfer to classroom’ – Susan B, Newhall School


‘Gives a good overview of terminology and various techniques’ – Elizabeth B, Oakgrove School


‘Explained very well making it accessible to all’ – Elizabeth B, Oakgrove School


‘A very thorough introduction. Confident now to tech my pupils’ – Brioney D, Princess Helena College


‘Marc Newton was clear with his explanations and very approachable’ – Brioney D, Princess Helena College


‘A very thorough and adept course with both fun tasks and great technical advice’ – Kate B, Princess Helena College


‘Very well structured, really helped to gain a better understanding. I now have so many ideas to do in school and feel confident to try to teach it.’ – Mona A, Hornsey School for Girls


‘I thought that this course was excellent. Clear, well organised bite-sized chunks of information, delivered in a relaxed, unintimidating way’ – Lucy F, Channing School


‘Very good resources to take away’ – Lucy F, Channing School


‘Very informative, clear presentation’ – Trudi E, Long Rod Sixth Form College


‘Good balance of theory and practical tasks’ – Trudi E, Long Road Sixth Form College


‘Very clear explanation making complex information easy to digest’ – Trudi E, Long Road Sixth Form College


‘Overall Brill, excellent teacher’ – Trudi E, Long Road Sixth Form College


‘I loved it – the teacher had a great manner and was very helpful’ – Laura H, Weydon School


‘Phenomenal! Fab balance of new info and hands on practice’ – Rosie R, Bourne End Academy


‘Outstanding! Compact, pacey but accessible’ – Kiranjit A, Friern Barnet School


‘An excellent introduction to photography delivered in a very accessible way’ – Amelia B, Portsmouth High School


‘Great! Really enjoyed it – lots of time on practical tasks’ – Caroline B, St. George’s College


‘Brilliantly pitched to a nervous teacher thrown in at the deep end’ – Kirsty R, The Voyager Academy


‘A fab course! Loads of technical knowledge that has helped me feel much more confident at handling the DSLR’ – Piipa R, Canbury School


‘A great instructor who is very approachable and knowledgeable’ – Piipa R, Canbury School


 ‘Excellent course – learnt a lot – very well delivered’ - Phyllis N, The Voyager Academy


‘Excellent! Great insight - learnt a lot!’ – Joanna James, The John Warner School


‘Great resources – knowledge excellent’ – Joanna James, The John Warner School


‘Excellent information given with good resources’ – Sue Bedford, Chelmer Valley High School


‘Pitched to what I will need to help me back at school’ – Sue Bedford, Chelmer Valley High School


‘Excellent – really practical and clear information’ – Pauline H, Glynn School


‘Great teacher- very knowledgeable – very approachable’ - Kate H, Bushey Meads School


‘Fantastic day! Excellent delivery with fantastic demonstrations and examples’ – Sam W, Greensward Academy


‘Excellent pace and combination of information and practical tasks’ – Elmaz S, Aylward Academy


‘Marc catered for all needs with a very friendly and professional manner’ – Jo C, Nonsuch High School for Girls


‘Very informative and productive’ – Maria C, Aylward Academy


‘Fantastic step by step tutorials with brilliant resources’ – Luke A, Barton Court Grammar School


‘An excellent course, very informative’ – Ruth L, Nonsuch High School for Girls


‘Best Bits – Seeing impressive effects and how simply they were attained’ – Ruth L, Nonsuch High School for Girls


‘Absolutely fantastic! I have a greater understanding of the science and techniques behind the camera’ – Natalie R, Sandom School


‘Pace and delivery was spot on!’ – Jo C, Nonsuch High School for Girls


‘Really useful practical advice and knowledge’ – Louis N, King Harold Business & Enterprise Academy


‘Excellent information, teaching and useful tips to pass onto students’ - Kiri B, Debden Park High School


‘Engaging and very informative’ – Dave S, The King John School


‘Fantastic! Very informative and interesting ways of bringing traditional methods into contemporary photography’ – Lucy E, Debden Park High School


‘A wonderful day filled with relevant information for use in the classroom. I could feel myself learning!’  - Jai M, Hamstead School


‘Fantastic resources and info and activities! Really enjoyable’ – Alia G, Epping St John School


‘A very informative course with fantastic resources’ – Scott T, The Deanes School


‘Fantastic resources and brilliantly explained’ – Ellie T, Presdales School


‘I thought today was the inset I’ve got the most out of than any I’ve been to’ - Emma B, Caterham High School


‘Fantastic! Really informative and useful’ - Joelle C, Onslow St Audreys Academy


‘Exercises were very transferrable to lesson planning’ – Ellie T, Presdales School


‘I have learnt a lot from today and more importantly gained the confidence to pass this knowledge onto my students’ – Ellie T, Presdales School