Work for Great Oaks Education

We are always interested in experienced, passionate people to lead new courses and run school workshops in the creative arts. Great Oaks Education is dedicated to delivering quality training and education that is relevant, effective and will have a positive impact on the teachers and students that attend.



The below qualities are beneficial:

  • You are one of the following: an AST, SLE, have an MA in your subject area or have something exceptional to share with other teachers or pupils.

  • Free to deliver training days during term time.

  • Experienced in delivering teacher training and/or workshops to pupils.

  • Passionate about making a positive change to the education of students in your subject area.

  • Able to provide training that is current, valid and effective back in the classroom – not just the boardroom.

  • Able to plan an engaging and effective teacher training day that will make a positive impact to delegate's teaching.

  • Provide excellent resources for delegates to use in their teaching.


If you feel you have these qualities please fill out the application form and send it back to